We are a small family kennel.  We believe that the dog you curl up in bed with tonight should be the same dog you competed with today in conformation, obedience, agility, flyball, dock diving or any achievement you sought. Our Staffordshire Bull Terriers are family pets first and foremost that are blessed with brains and beauty.

We have worked hard to combine some top pedigrees from England and South Africa into my American bred dogs. Health and temperament and adhering to the standard is a major concern of ours so all breeding stock is health screened and champions before they are bred. We have selectively bred to bring the best we can to the public.

We do not breed a lot of litters it is true  but we are proud to say that those we have bred compete successfully in all areas of dog sports. We have had top agility dogs from our kennel as well as top conformation and obedience dogs.

More important than all of this is we have the best companion animals living long lives with happy owners. We are happy to supply you with references of happy owners of Classy Staffys puppies on request.

Having said all this I must also say that I do not believe every home is the right one for an SBT. You see they are great family dogs in the right hands. They must have at least basic obedience training. They must know who is boss. They are little comics at times making everyone giggle but in the wrong hands they are a mass of muscle that can push or pull their way into trouble. I think all prospective owners should spend time with SBT’s on their home turf. Not at a show where they know or should know to be on their best behavior. But seen in their yards where running at 30 mph and hitting you behind the knees knocking you to the ground are seen as a fun sport. I welcome people to come enjoy a cup of coffee with me (wear your old clothes coffee stains are sometimes hard to get out) and see SBT’s doing what they do best – being our brats at home. Feel free to call and setup a time (so I can tell the kids to take it easy first) Seeing the terrorist in person is always best!

Here’s to you !